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Numerous participants in the 2016 City Stadium Run ran/walked on behalf of a loved one who served in the military.  These service men and women are listed below:

Military Branch Name Served
Airforce Andrew Paplham  Desert Storm
Airforce Brett Sweetman 1988-2012
Airforce Bryan Sundstrom Afghanistan
Airforce Chief Nikolas  29 yrs
Airforce Clarence Bader 1940-1945
Airforce Cloyde B. Watzka  WWII 
Airforce Craig Long 1970-1974
Airforce Craig Thielke 1971-1975
Airforce Dave Prosser Vietnam
Airforce E. Terry Rystrom Korean
Airforce Elizabeth Dorman 20 yrs
Airforce Esteban Munoz  
Airforce Eugene Stenson 1997 - 2013
Airforce Glen Kuhn 1967-1970
Airforce Jeff Peterson 1971 - 1975
Airforce Jeff Process 1978-1982
Airforce John "Jack" L Murray Korean 
Airforce Jonathan Hager 2000-2004
Airforce Lawrence A. Buhr Korean
Airforce Lee Bergner WWII
Airforce Otis Prichard WWII
Airforce Richard Brink  
Airforce Richard Schevers Vietnam
Airforce Ronald Elbe  
Airforce Sheri Shaw Desert Storm
Airforce Steve Fameree 1989-1993
Airforce Stuart Lange  
Airforce Tammy Nikolas 25 yrs
Airforce Thomas P. Noonan Vietnam
Airforce TnT Sundstrom  
Airforce Wally Mlynarek WWII
Airforce William Glenn Fowlkes WWII
Army Adam Grimm  
Army Alfred Holland WWII
Army Allcox, George Korean 
Army Alvin Baeten WWII
Army Andrew Smith Afghanistan
Army Andrew Standiford 2005-2009
Army Arthur Smurawa  WWII
Army Bill Baumler WWII
Army Butch Handegan Vietnam
Army Carl Ziefle  WWII
Army Charles Gann WWII
Army Charles Lee Sorenson  WWII
Army Chauncey Powless WWI
Army Chris Staats 2005-2009
Army Christopher McNulty Iraqi Freedom, Afganistan, Desert Storm
Army Chuck Maass  
Army Clem Beck Korean
Army Clyde Guild WWII
Army COL John M. McHugh Afghanistan
Army CPL Justin D. Ross Afghanistan
Army Curtis Bley  Korean
Army Dan J Novoselatz Vietnam
Army Donald J Rousseau 1942 - 1944
Army Douglas Johnson  
Army Drew Kuehl 3 yrs
Army Dwain Vangsness Korean
Army Edward Charbonneau Korean
Army Edward Paplham  Vietnam
Army Elizabeth Worachek 1997-2005
Army Elroy Crozier WWII
Army Emil Gosse WWII
Army Erin Fuller Desert Storm 
Army Ernie Staab.  1941-1945
Army Eugene Schmitz Vietnam
Army Eugene Sieck Korean
Army Fonda Fischer Vietnam
Army Frank "Pudge" Krall Vietnam
Army Fred Leikip WWII
Army Gabirel Allen WWll 
Army Gary Nys Vietnam
Army Gene Salzwedel Berlin Crisis
Army George J. Chrudimsky Vietnam
Army George P. DeCota Sr WWII
Army Gus Yanda WWII
Army Herman Reckelberg  Korean
Army Hilary Delforge Korean
Army Howard Dolce Vietnam
Army Jack Botsford Korean
Army Jacob Molina 2007-2011
Army James Fameree Vietnam
Army James Gutknecht Vietnam
Army James Lemke 1969-1971
Army James Smetak Korean
Army James Smith WWII
Army James Thielke Vietnam
Army Jeffrey Alston 1990-present
Army Jerry A Severson WWIi
Army Jerry DeKeyser Korean
Army Jim Bramschreiber   
Army Jim Magestro Vietnam
Army Jim Umentum Vietnam
Army Jim Wall Korean
Army Joe Miller Desert Storm
Army Joe Stevens OIF
Army John Gibbons  Korean
Army John Keyzer Vietnam
Army John Smurawa  Korean
Army Joseph Kahr Vietnam
Army Joseph P. Peters 1943-1945
Army Joseph Thyne 1991-2013
Army Julie Tetzlaff Desert Storm
Army Ken Rahmlow  
Army Kevin Zielinski OIF
Army Lakeshia Bailey Iraq
Army Larry Frostman Vietnam 
Army Larry Polczinski WWII
Army Len Wachniak Korean
Army LeRoy Skarivoda Korean
Army Leroy Terhardt WWII
Army Lloyd Nimmer Korean
Army Lloyd Rogers 1954-1956
Army Louis Maccaux Vietnam
Army Louis Vande Velden   
Army LTC Chris Dantoin  
Army Major Scott Lardinois Iraq, Afghanistan
Army Mark Thyne  
Army Marvin Mazemke 1960-1965
Army Marvin Propson Vietnam
Army Matt Allen WWII
Army Merrill Aderman 1944-1945
Army Michael Roulette Vietnam
Army Mike Vietnam
Army N. Patrick Crooks  Pentagon
Army Nate Borlee  
Army Neal Long OIF
Army Oscar Schuyler Vietnam
Army Patrick Green Korean
Army Patrick Lyons Vietnam
Army Paul Adrians Vietnam 
Army Paul Peterson Desert Storm
Army Peter Lesperance WWII
Army Phil Bresnahan Vietnam
Army Richard Szcepanski Berlin Crisis
Army Richard Tomkiewicz Korean
Army Robert Borman Vietnam
Army Robert Eschenbacher   
Army Robert Flament  
Army Robert Johnson 1940-1965
Army Robert Seering WWII
Army Ron Sebetic 3 yrs
Army Ronald DeFere 62-64 & Cuban Missle Crisis
Army Rowan D. Walter OIF
Army Roy Wilcox Vietnam 
Army Russell Nagovitz Korean
Army Ryan Pelkey  
Army Sandra Walsh 1983-1985
Army Sarah Long OIF
Army Sgt. Justin P. Magnin 1986-2015 
Army Sgt. Patrick C. Hawkins 1986-2015 
Army Sgt.. Gerald Scheich WWII
Army Sgt.. Joe Polo OIF
Army Steve Englebert 1982-1990
Army Steve LaFrance Vietnam 
Army Terrence Johnson Vietnam
Army Terry McNulty Desert Storm/ Shield
Army Todd Van Harpen Vietnam
Army Tom Steeno 1965-1969
Army Tom Whipple Desert Storm/ Afganistan
Army Travis W. Buford OIF
Army Trudy Powelson Iraq
Army Trudy Powelson OIF
Army Venance Roy WWII
Army Vernon McVey WWII
Army Vincent A. Lasee WWII
Army Virginia Englebert 1982-1990
Army Walter B. Lemke WW II
Army William (Wild Bill) Thielke WWII
Army William Bean Vietnam
Army William F. Shannon Korean
Army William S. DeBoer  WWII and Korean
Army Willie Smith Vietnam 
Coast Guard Dale Vandervest  
Coast Guard Glenn Fuerbringer 1954-1962
Coast Guard Robert F. Eiting WWII
Coast Guard Ron VanderLoop 1953-1957
Marines Alphonso Mazzone WWII
Marines Ben Gordon Iraq War
Marines Brad Doney Vietnam
Marines Colin Fruehbrodt  2009-13
Marines Cpl.Scot Jackson Desert Storm/Shield
Marines Craig Anhalt 4 yrs
Marines Daniel Huber Vietnam
Marines David Eisentraut 1963-1966
Marines Don Duca  Vietnam 
Marines Eric Weiler Desert Storm
Marines Francis Clark WWII
Marines Gary Wagnitz Vietnam
Marines Gerald J. Beno 1941-1945
Marines Gordon Vander Wyst 1948 - 1950
Marines Harold Fredrickson Vietnam
Marines Harvey Destree Desert Storm
Marines Henry Justiniano  
Marines Jerry Thomas  
Marines John E. Powless, Sr.  1941-1943
Marines John Sokol  
Marines Keith Hendricksen Vietnam 
Marines Ludwig Ott WWII
Marines Mario Dominichi WWII
Marines Michael Vandermuss Iraq War
Marines Robert Zittlow, Jr. Gulf War
Marines Ron Jenkins Korean
Marines Ryan Jerabek  
Marines SSgt. Luke A. Love Iraq/Afghanistan 
Marines Thomas Lepkowski 1959-1963
Navy Alta Petitjean WWII
Navy Beau Ambos  1990-1991
Navy Bruce D. Fairbairn  
Navy David Killinger Vietnam
Navy David Selissen Vietnam
Navy Don  E. Mefford WWII
Navy Donald Rhode WWII
Navy Doris Sieck Korean
Navy Earl R Patton World War II
Navy Ed Newman 1962-63
Navy Erwin W. Schultz WWII
Navy Floyd Hanstedt WWII
Navy Gary Limberg Vietnam
Navy Gary Paulsen  
Navy Gary Paulsen  
Navy Gaylon Steenburgh Vietnam
Navy Greg Peters Vietnam
Navy Harley O. Keck WWI
Navy Jean Cropsey WWII
Navy Jerome Schommer WWII
Navy Jerry Rybicki Vietnam
Navy Joe Heindel Desert Storm/Shield
Navy John Kaltenbach WWII
Navy John McBride Korean
Navy Joseph Heiser Korean
Navy Joseph Roderick Vietnam
Navy Kurt Miller Vietnam
Navy Kyle Bannach  1987-1992
Navy Lawrence Yanish WWII
Navy Loren C Smith WWII
Navy Myself 1980-2001
Navy Neal D. Hager WWII
Navy Norbert Klarkowski Korean
Navy Norman "Ozzie"  Leiser Korean
Navy Paul Miskella 1944-45
Navy Robert Haines  
Navy Roger Specht Vietnam
Navy Rupert D. Steinfeldt WWII
Navy Russell Root  
Navy Kurt Miller Vietnam  
Navy Steve McBride 1976-78
Navy Tom Balzola 1961-1966
Navy Vernon (Babe) Doney Korean
Navy William Cowans WWII
Branch Unknown Chris Lamal  
Branch Unknown Charles O'Brien  
Branch Unknown Fran Marier  
Branch Unknown Greg Newman Vietnam
Branch Unknown Henry Feldhusen  
Branch Unknown Joe Pieschek  
Branch Unknown Keith Larson Reserves
Branch Unknown Leonard Kutchenriter  
Branch Unknown Lynne Verboncouer  
Branch Unknown Rich Roehrick  
Branch Unknown Ron Larson Vietnam
Branch Unknown Virgil Mueller  
Branch Unknown Wayne Lamal  
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